Our school, the 5th Junior High School of Xanthi

Our school, the 5th Junior High School of Xanthi, is located at the outskirts of the city of Xanthi. Xanthi is a city of approximately
60.000 people in the northeastern part of Greece, reborn in the 1830s after a terrible earthquake that had destroyed it.
The school, founded in the 90s, has personnel of 35 teachers and about 280 students aged 12-15. It has 20 bright and spacious classrooms which all furnished with PCs or laptops, projectors and other technological equipment such as interactive boards. Of course all equipment has access to internet. There are 2 computer labs, a technology, a science and an art lab too. A gym also serves as a multi-purpose hall in some occasions such as ceremonies. In front of the school lies a large school yard with football, basketball and volleyball courts and amenities.

The aim of our school is to create and advance academic knowledge alongside to the social life and activities of our students and in respect to their cultural backgrounds. We cultivate critical thinking throughout the subjects taught by questioning and encourage self expression and respect to a different culture. Our goal is to raise individuals who are creative and able to provide solutions through awareness of the social problems.
Environmental and cultural projects are carried out every year and a lot of awards are won all these years (such as the 1st prize of the UN for a video our students created for the refugees issue). We are also member of the Panhellenic network of Eco Schools. Campaigns for tree planting, paper, plastic, batteries collection have been organized.

The various activities of the school are communicated through the local press, the school website as well as the website of The Parents and Guardians League.

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